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QANTM Annual Report 2022 - The Interactive PDF

Annual Report Design.

Your Annual Report is an essential communication platform for your business.
An effective Annual Report should convey a concise, compelling and engaging visual representation of your company, the key elements of the business, its market, its people and the financial performance. An Annual Report also reinforces your brand DNA and brand proposition9.


Our business-centred approach to understanding and fulfilling the requirements of our clients means we are confident we not only bring exemplary design capabilities but an ability to listen and seek to understand what business needs are sought to be addressed. We also understand that business is not easy; annual report communication has often to tackle difficult issues. Design execution needs to take account of such factors, as well as positioning your business as sustainable longer term.

If planned and executed well, an Annual Report can be a valuable source of communication to key audiences [stakeholders] institutional and retail shareholders; employees; customers, consumers and clients; regulators and interest group. It serves a record of your company’s strategy, business goals and achievements.

Your annual report reflects the values, mission, capabilities and personality of your organisation. It provides one of the key means for your chief executive, chairman and other key personnel to communicate in a direct and substantive way.

Your Annual Report enables business objectives, operating conditions, financial and non-financial achievements to be conveyed, as well as the attributes and capabilities of your people and business.

An Annual Report need not be a static, printed document. There are a variety of ways to ensure your report is dynamic, relevant and accessible to your key audiences. It can also be tailored to meet specific needs of various groups. For example, a profile of your customer offering or an interpretative section for analysts and sophisticated investors.

Your Annual Report will typically include a summary of accomplishments that took place during the prior year. The accomplishments should reflect the mission statement of the organization and how yearly goals were fulfilled.

At Burrows Interactive Design, our design process for your Annual Report will reinforce your company branding while developing a creative and themed approach which will create a unique report that is substantive, clear in its content and relevant to the business priorities and conditions of your company.

Our approach seeks to get to the heart of your corporate communication requirements; develops a structure and layout that will address both statutory reporting requirements but also enable you to convey other key sets of information about business progress, market conditions, business plans and organisational capabilities.  And of course, a clear and concise explanatory approach to conveying key financial outcomes – positive or negative – will be developed.

We recognise that an Annual Report is not a promotional document, but a key component of maintaining and building corporate credibility and trust.

The intent of the required annual report is to provide public disclosure of a company’s corporate activities over the past year. The report is typically issued to shareholders and other stakeholders who use it to evaluate the firm’s financial performance.

An annual report should include a summary of accomplishments that took place during the prior year. The accomplishments should reflect the mission statement of the organization and how yearly goals were fulfilled.

Our Approach

The foundation of our design process is to understand your key requirements for your Annual Report:

  • Key audiences and their information requirements
  • Business priorities, business and financial outcomes (particularly relative to prior years or market guidance)
  • Corporate positioning requirements, short and medium term
  • Branding and corporate identity requirements

From this information and our discussion with you we are able to determine the style and nature of the annual report execution that may be appropriate and, with this, how the structure, layout and visual representation will be aligned with what the company is seeking to achieve.

We then develop concept direction storyboards that include front cover, overall page visual style, charts, diagrams, infographics, maps and financials.

Our design process is methodical and detailed. We understand how crucial your annual report is in telling your company’s story.

Best of all, with our extensive experience in corporate branding, we’ll ensure that the design elements and execution for your Annual Report are on-brand and consistent with your overall marketing messages and objectives.

The Digital Annual Report – Creating a digital experience

Digital annual reports are a great way to present your annual report in a compelling and interesting way, engaging audiences and turning what is a traditional print execution into a dynamic communication medium.

It’s no surprise that traditional, printed Annual Reports are quickly being overshadowed by digital, interactive versions that are not only more engaging, but are an avenue to rapidly increase your readership and overall ROI.

More businesses are now investing in creating digital Annual Reports as more readers turn to digital platforms to consume their content. Annual Reports can be dramatically transformed to become digital marketing assets that come with all the added benefits that digitalisation offers – direct CEO and Chairmen messages, videos of operations, interactive tools, downloadable spreadsheets and so on

Going digital also enables the ability to see who is reading your report content, when and from what device. This data is invaluable if you wish to continuously improve your reports performance year on year.

Data visualisation: Turn your data from static to dynamic with data visualisation. Your digital report allows you to bring to life the data that matters, highlighting it to your readers eye in an engaging way. Digital also allows you to bring depth to your data with links to inspiring blog posts or other related content.

Dynamic content: You can embed videos, create audio elements, use animations and interactions as an alternative way to show your story as opposed to telling it in slabs of text. This makes it easier for your reader to digest what you have to say. It also keeps your reader engaged for longer

At Burrows Interactive Design the services we offer include.

  • Annual reports – Print and Digital formats, or combined
  • Corporate reports
  • Prospectuses
  • Sustainability and ESG reporting
  • Corporate profiles
  • Electronic reports
  • Info-graphics
  • Print and programming management
  • Copywriting and proof reading
For Annual Report design enquiry call 0417 340 765 or contact us.