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The Digital magazine.

The power of browser publishing.

With the latest technology your publication can be rendered flawlessly on all devices (smartphones, tablets and desktop), the platforms your audience use these days.

To most people online magazines meant flippable PDF’s. This outdated platform based on the print model that you would transferred online is no match for the ‘feature rich’ digital alternative.

The time has come to embrace the options that browser publishing has to offer.

Magazines that we create are browser-based and fully responsive.

You open the publication in a browser (Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari) and it doesn’t matter whether it’s on your smartphone, tablet, desktop or smart TV. Nowadays 50% of all people surf the internet on a mobile device. This is why it is so very important to optimize content for every device.

Take a look at ‘Solutions’ digital magazine concept development and technical production for Linfox

Linear navigation.

Online magazines only have a linear navigation.
A direct and clear chronology will guide your readers through your articles.

The Digital Publishing platform is perfect for:


➤ Corporate brochures

➤ Customer magazines

➤ Interactive white papers

➤ Digital annual reports

➤ Product catalogs

➤ Proposals and presentations

➤ Staff magazines

Full-screen experience.

Beautiful pictures and cool videos deserve to be viewed full-screen.
Enabling a full-screen mode will provide users with a more immersive,
cinematic experience.
Readers are far more likely to stick around longer on the pages of an online magazine, and they also tend to be more focused.