Brand Identity - Burrows Interactive
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Brand Identity.

Your company DNA – it encompasses ideas, values, ethics and philosophy.

We are experienced at working with organisations of all sizes to design a memorable and meaningful Brand Identity. But even more importantly, we don’t just stop at brand creation. We can roll out your new look to every aspect of your business to ensure consistency across the marketing mix.

We can build a Brand Identity System that synthesises all of this information into visual language. The connections with a Brand are no longer coming from a single connection point. We will help you build a Brand Image – using the new tools devises, platforms that will maximise the creative and communication opportunities available to us.

Our Brand Identity development process includes:

Brand Immersion – User Group research analysis
Creative Concept Development and analysis
Design Art Direction Photography Management
Digital Artwork

Penelopes Secret Garden – Logo, packaging, store interior design.

Card Hanky – Brand Identity.

Market U – Brand Identity.

Likely App – Brand Identity.

Luminance – RMIT Photography – Graduate Exhibition Identity.

Bellamy Jean – Brand Identity.

Green Seed Ventures – Brand Identity.

Eye Connect – Brand Identity.

ieinstein – Brand Identity.

Office of Small Business Canberra– Brand Identity.

Lodestar – Brand Identity.

dZhon – Brand Identity.

Wookey Park – Brand Identity.

McGillicuddies – Brand Identity.

Guernica Olive Oil – Brand Identity.

R Porter Investor Relations – Brand Identity.

villaFi Seminyak, Bali – Brand Identity.

Joe Strummer Foundation London – Brand Identity.

New Water – Brand Identity.

Magnificent – Brand Identity.

Baringo Regional Food and Wine – Brand Identity.

Indian Aussies – Brand Identity.